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The value of aquaculture to Scotland

Looks at the current status of the Scottish aquaculture sector, which is dominated by salmon and production of mussels and Pacific oysters. Covers social and community impacts as well as providing a geographical summary of current industry activity. Presents possible future scenarios to 2030 as well as considering the economic and social impacts of the sector. Suggests opportunities for the future of the sector include: growing the UK market through messages about the health benefits of eating farmed salmon, trout, and shellfish; stressing the low carbon footprint of aquaculture compared with typical agriculture; creating additional relatively skilled and well-paid jobs in Scotland; and continuing to play a role in supporting peripheral and fragile areas that are losing population and have ageing resident profiles. Notes that the main challenges in achieving potential growth relate to the problem of sea lice on salmon; achieving environmentally sustainable higher biomass limits on sites; attracting and maintaining an adequate labour supply; and alleviating local concerns around existing sites and new developments.


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Steve Westbrook Economist
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Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)

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