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How to make the most of careers events with employers (Technical report) (Education and Employers Research occasional research paper no 11)

Presents evidence on the operation and impact of careers events held in UK schools and colleges, including careers talks, careers carousels/speed networking events, and job fairs. Suggests that participation in careers events with employers led to improved employment outcomes for young people and can also have positive impacts on their decision making, employability skills, and educational engagement. Notes that young people can be expected to respond to the different formats of careers events in different ways and practitioners should reflect on pupil characteristics and objectives prior to determining event design; it is important that the people providing information to pupils about jobs and careers can draw on personal, first-hand experience of the same professions; and that young people should be well prepared for careers events and undertake follow-up activities to maximise any positive impacts.


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Rehill, Jordan; Kashefpakdel, Elnaz T; Mann, Anthony
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Education and Employers Research

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