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Careers: the implementation of the careers and world of work framework in secondary schools

Examines the extent and effectiveness of secondary schools’ delivery of the statutory Careers and the world of work (CWoW) framework in Wales. Describes the framework designed for 11- to 19-year-olds as a planned programme that includes a wide range of teaching and learning experiences and environments, and includes contributions from a variety of partners with the best possible direct experiences of the world of work, supported by opportunities for individual advice and guidance. Draws on evidence from 156 secondary school inspections since October 2012 and from a survey of 35 secondary schools. Considers the extent to which secondary schools’ provision and leadership in this area have changed since Estyn’s previous report on CWoW, Informed Decisions, in October 2012. Outlines the main findings and recommendations of the 2012 reports. Discusses nine main findings. Concludes with recommendations for schools, local authorities and regional consortia, and the Welsh Government.


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Estyn (Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education and Training in Wales)

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