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Careers events: what works?

Present evidence on the operation and impact of careers events held in UK schools and colleges. Draws on a mixture of academic literature and new survey data collected by the Education and Employers research team at careers events. Uses data collected from a student feedback survey, testimonies from teachers and employee volunteers as well as a follow up survey of experienced practitioners which tested the insights for best practice gathered from the other sources. Finds that existing UK literature suggests that careers events are ‘consistently effective’ equivalent to level 4 impact, according to the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) evidence scale. Finds several high-quality studies exist demonstrating positive outcomes experienced by career event participants however it must be noted that the literature remains very limited on the comparative value of each type of these events. Presents insights for practice in regard to: event selection, authenticity, volume, relevance, and preparation and follow up. Argues that more comprehensive research is needed on the value of different types of career events to students of different age, attainment level and socio-economic background.


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