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Young people's perceptions and attitudes of their post-16 options

Examines the perceptions and attitudes young people have of their post-16 choices, exploring what influences their decisions to pursue an apprenticeship, or university, and how this changes in relation to their peers. Reviews literature on: the relationship between young people and their post-16 options; the skills gap crisis; how young people make decisions - external influences, the role of family, peers, careers advice and teachers. Presents the finding of research which draws on information gathered from focus groups (using techniques such as word association games) which involved young people aged 14-25 from voluntary sector groups, and local authorities from a number of different London boroughs. Discusses perceptions of: apprenticeships, traineeships and university education; living in London and how it affects choice and opportunities; the UK economy and the outlook for London; and the impact of Brexit on choices. Looks at factors that influence decision making on career choices, for example careers advice, peers, parents, community and the media. Highlights the poor perception of apprenticeships compared to university. Concludes that careers advice and schools are still failing to promote apprenticeships.


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Partnership for Young London
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