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Industrial strategy: building a Britain fit for the future

Provides an overview of the UK Government’s industrial strategy. Explains that although the UK has many strengths, there are a number of challenges facing the UK, including the withdrawal from the European Union (EU), technological change, and the growing proportion of older people in society. Sets out the five foundations of the government’s vision for a transformed economy: ideas; people; infrastructure; business environment; and places. Discusses a set of grand challenges that will put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future, including: growing the artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven economy; capitalising on the global shift to clean growth; becoming a world leader in the future of mobility (e.g. electric vehicles and new business models such as ‘mobility as a service’); and helping meet the needs of the ageing society. Notes that an independent Industrial Strategy Council will be introduced to assess progress and make recommendations to the government. Highlights key policies such as introducing a technical education system that rivals the best in the world, investing £31 billion in a National Productivity Investment Fund, and agreeing Local Industrial Strategies that build on local strengths.


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