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Brexit and the sectors of the Scottish economy

Investigates the potential impact of leaving the European Union (EU) on the economy in Scotland. Discusses the different types of ‘Brexit’ which may be negotiated, outlining the government’s preferred option of leaving the Single Market but having some form of trade deal with the EU, and the alternative scenario where no deal is reached. Outlines the Scottish Government’s preference to remain in the Single Market and discusses the complexities that could arise from this. Describes the five key ways that Brexit could impact on the Scottish economy via: future trading relationships; inward investment; the labour market; EU budget contributions; and the policy and regulatory environment. Outlines current links between different sectors of the Scottish economy and trade with the EU, reporting data on: EU trade by sector; employment supported by export demand by sector; variations in exports between Scotland and the rest of the UK; and imports into Scotland from the EU. Presents data on the number of EU nationals in the workforce by sector. Discusses issues relevant to specific sectors such as universities, farming, oil and gas, and Scotch whisky.


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