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Assessing the early impact of the apprenticeship levy: employers' perspective

Explores employers' views and attitudes to the apprenticeship levy which was introduced in April 2017 in a bid to counteract the long term decline in employer investment in training. Bases its analyses on the results of a YouGov survey of 1,000 organisations in England. Summarises the current state of apprenticeship provision in England highlighting that there has been a large drop in apprenticeship starts since the levy was introduced and that provision is mostly for intermediate level apprenticeships with relatively few at a higher level. Discusses the age profile of apprentices noting that in 2016/17 only a quarter of apprenticeship starts went to those aged under 19. Presents the results of the employer survey finding that a fifth of employers did not know if they would have to pay the levy or not. States that almost three-quarters of employers expect to use the levy to expand or develop apprenticeship programmes, but this may not be enough to meet the government’s target of three million. Considers that the fall in apprenticeship numbers may be due to non-levy paying organisations now having to co-fund apprentices’ training. Makes recommendations that will help improve awareness of the levy and do more to increase SME engagement with the system. Presents three apprenticeship programme case studies.


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