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Delivering STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills for the economy

Examines how well placed the Government is to deliver increased STEM skills in the economy. Looks particularly at how well current and future needs for STEM skills are understood, whether the Government has the correct structures in place to meet these needs and whether current and planned interventions are adequate. Outlines the background to the report including the key roots to STEM skill development, the Government’s main departmental responsibilities for STEM and funding (noting that £990m was spent on STEM specific interventions in the ten years to 2017). Considers that estimates of the STEM shortages vary widely and that there is evidence of a skills mismatch rather than an actual shortage. Suggests that the impact of Brexit is hard to predict. Reports on trends in STEM subject uptake in schools and universities. Discusses new initiatives such as the introduction of T levels to improve vocational education. Considers that the Government needs to have a better understanding of the STEM skills problem and a more co-ordinated and targeted approach to it in order to deliver value for money.


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Morse, Amyas
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National Audit Office (NAO)

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