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Good work: a response to the Taylor review of modern working practices

Outlines the steps the government plans to take to achieve the recommendations set out in ‘Review of modern employment practices', published in July 2017 (Ref. B48753), which aimed at delivering the ambition: that all work in the UK economy should be fair and decent with realistic scope for development and fulfilment. Discusses issues facing the labour market, in particular productivity, wages, income security, regional imbalances in wages and employment, and disparities in labour market outcomes due to ethnicity, gender, and age. Highlights the need for ‘good work’ and sets out the five principles that underpin the quality of work as outlined in the Industrial Strategy: overall worker satisfaction; good pay; participation and progression; wellbeing, safety and security; and voice and autonomy. Explores various means of establishing measures to ensure ‘good work’. Highlights the need for clarity and transparency over working arrangements, employment status, contracts/employment agreements, rights and responsibilities and employment protection law, in order for people and employers to make the right choices. Discusses the benefits of a flexible labour market for both employers and individuals and the need for a balance between flexibility and security. Examines the importance of progression at work and the government’s role in helping people to progress in the labour market. Highlights support for increased job mobility, health and wellbeing at work, apprenticeships and vocational training.


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