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Drawing the future: exploring the career aspirations of primary school children from around the world

Explores the career aspirations of children aged 7-11 in the UK and across the world, drawing on a survey of 20,000 primary school children in 20 countries. Describes the background to the study, identifies the key factors affecting children's career aspirations and outlines the way in which the survey was undertaken. Presents the key UK findings, including trends in career aspirations, the impact of gender stereotyping, career aspirations across age and ethnic groups, the impact of social disadvantage and favourite subjects. Outlines the key findings from the other 19 countries identifying career aspirations, gender, favourite subject and labour market match. Discusses key issues arising from the study and presents conclusions highlighting that targeted early intervention can be a cost-effective way of raising children's career aspirations and broadening their horizons.


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Chambers, Nick et al
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Education and Employers Research

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