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Understanding the under-representation of women in engineering apprenticeships

Presents the results of research into the under-representation of women in engineering apprenticeships. Uses the Find an Apprenticeship website, an application route for a lot of apprenticeship candidates, as a source of data for the study. Reports that women generally accounted for over half the successful applicants, but within engineering and manufacturing technologies (EMT) they only accounted for 6.7%. Finds that EMT applications from women are just as likely to be successful as those from men. Reports that women who apply to the EMT sector focus less on it than men and are likely to apply to other sectors as well. Presents demographic and regional data on applicants. Makes recommendations including that more women are encouraged to apply for EMT apprenticeships and that more data should be made available on applicants allowing further analyses.


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Egglestone, Corin; Jones, Emily; Aldridge, Fiona
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Learning and Work Institute

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