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The great training robbery: assessing the first year of the apprenticeship levy

Reviews the impact of the first full year of the apprenticeship levy. Explains that the levy is a tax of 0.5% on employers with annual wage bills of over £3 million which can then be spent on apprenticeship training. Looks at the impact of the levy on the quality and quantity of apprenticeships. Reports that the number of people starting an apprenticeship has dropped by 40% since the introduction of the levy and that younger and less experienced people have been particularly badly affected with the focus now being towards Higher and Degree level apprenticeships. Finds that many apprenticeships are now for low-skilled, low-wage jobs or for re-labelled management programmes and do not meet the original definition of an apprenticeship. Discusses how the levy has affected employers reporting that it is too complex and bureaucratic and is creating an administrative burden on employers. Outlines problems with the registers of organisations providing training and assessments. Makes six recommendations to change the system including: focusing on quality rather than quantity of apprenticeships; defining ‘apprenticeship’ more clearly; reducing the administrative burdens on employers; and making Ofqual responsible for quality-assuring end-point assessments.


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Richmond, Tom
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