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Technological change and the Scottish labour market

Explores how technological change might affect the labour market in Scotland. Considers the global debate and sets out competing visions of the future surmising that there is no consensus on the impact new technologies will have on future labour demand. Looks at current labour market trends in Scotland finding no evidence that technology has had a negative effect on labour demand so far. Summarises research undertaken by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) looking at how technology is changing the workplace. Discusses the effect of labour costs and of deploying new technology in workplaces. Explores how technology is changing working practices. Highlights the support that technology gives to flexible working. Outlines the Scottish Government’s approach as expressed in its current policy framework which includes: investment in digital skills; providing direct support for additional business research and development; and the phasing out of the need for petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032. Identifies areas for future consideration such as ongoing knowledge exchange between sectors, maximising high-quality employment opportunities and an emphasis on in-work training and up-skilling of workers.


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