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The gender pay gap in the UK: evidence from the UKHLS

Uses data from the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Survey (UKHLS) and latest waves of the British Household Panel Survey to analyse the main predictors of the gap between men and women’s average earnings. Indicates that 81% of part-time workers were women in 2014/15 and that women with children continue to pursue part-time employment over full-time employment. Finds that there are similar percentages of women and men on temporary contracts and that the percentage of those on temporary contracts are higher for employees in part-time posts. Notes that men in full-time employment have longer full-time work-histories than women in full-time employment, and that men in full-time jobs tend to have had little or no exposure to part-time employment nor to unpaid care work. Reveals that there has been a decline in the gender pay gap and that recent policy may be limiting the need for women to occupationally downgrade in pursuit of reduced-hours posts.


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Olsen, Wendy et al
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Government Equalities Office

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