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Skills 4.0: a skills model to drive Scotland's future

Considers potential exponential changes to work relating to the likelihood that digital technology will permeate all places and forms of work; many jobs or activities will be done by machines; humans will need to learn to work alongside these machines; and there will be more people working in less traditional employment. Focuses on the need for ‘meta-skills’ including self-management, social intelligence, and innovation. Explains that important new skills range from the ability to focus, work with integrity, communicate effectively, show empathy and collaborate with others, to developing curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. Suggests that the development of digital intelligence should be a priority across the entire education and skills system in Scotland, and that there is a need to ensure that employers embrace working practices that support the use of these skills through for example, encouraging openness to new ideas, autonomous working, and an emphasis on continuing professional development.


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