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Skills investment plan for Scotland's life and chemical sciences

Looks at progress in combining the Life and Chemical Sciences (LCS) skills investment plans, including initiatives delivered with the aim of attracting more talent, broadening and securing the talent pool, and ensuring that skills and training provision meets employer demand. Outlines the need for new Graduate Apprenticeships and for more technical skills within the sectors that could be delivered through work-based learning. Identifies key drivers of change and reports on the contribution of LCS to the Scottish economy. Focuses on current and future skills demand and existing skills provision at secondary school, further education, and higher education levels. Suggests there is a need to build the work-readiness of graduates, improve the sector’s attractiveness, and increase the flow of new entrants as well as address specific skills shortages, ensure national coverage of skills and training provision, increase exposure to and understanding of the industry, and enhance the practical experience of those entering the sectors.


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