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The contribution of non-UK EU workers in the social care workforce in Scotland

Provides estimates of the number of non-UK EU workers in a range of care sectors, such as adult day care, care at home, childminding, and nurse agencies together with insights into their specific roles and contributions, using a mixed-mode survey of employers from across the social care sector and follow-up qualitative interviews with employers and workers. Finds that non-UK EU workers are more prevalent in private social care services, among NMC-registered nurses, auxiliary staff and care staff, and more likely to work in the North East. Notes that respondents working in day care of children and housing support/care at home services were more likely to report increasing recruitment difficulties. Suggests there is a need for campaign work to raise the profile and reputation of the care sector, with a message focusing on the importance and rewarding nature of the work, provision of training and opportunity to learn new skills, and the flexible hours available in many types of services, as well as for higher pay for workers at all levels, especially ‘frontline’ staff.


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