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Employer skills survey 2017

Presents the findings of the latest employer skills survey, based on 87,000 telephone interviews with UK employers. Describes the characteristics of the UK employer and employment populations, based on ONS data. Includes information on the size of establishments, employment in different industrial sectors and employment change. Looks at the proportion of employers selling to the EU, and employment of EU nationals. Discusses recruitment activity and difficulties in filling vacancies due to skill-shortages, the impact of skill-shortage vacancies on employers, and wider recruitment challenges. Assesses the internal skills challenge, looking at the extent and nature of skills gaps within the workforce and how these affect different occupations, the causes and impact of these skills gaps, and the way employers respond to them. Explores the under-use of skills and qualifications, and the prevalence, occupational breakdown, and upskilling needs. Investigates employers’ training and development activities for their employees/workforce, including the types of training provided, employers’ expenditure on training, and barriers to providing training. Explores how employers manage, develop, engage with and incentivise staff, and assess the prevalence of High Performance Working (HPW) practices, including how they relate to skills shortages, skills gaps, and training. Highlights the following challenges facing employers: finding the right workers; optimising and improving existing skills; expanding employee training; and improving workplace practices to drive performance.


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Winterbotham, Mark et al
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Department for Education (DfE)

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