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Evaluation of the first year of the national rollout of 30 hours free childcare (Department for Education research report DFE-RR832)

Investigates whether the Free Early Education Entitlement policy is working as intended and is achieving its objective of supporting working families and helping parents work or increase their hours. Looks at the implementation experiences of local authorities, provider responses, the effects of the offer on provision, parental responses, and the impact of the extended hours places on families. Finds that a high proportion of providers delivering the funded entitlement were willing and able to offer the extended hours, although the financial impacts were mixed; almost all registered parents had obtained an extended hours place, however better information about the offer and how to access it could facilitate access for eligible parents who have not applied; and the offer was not completely flexible or free for all parents, but high proportions of parents using it believed it supported them to work and had a positive impact on their family finances and quality of life. Notes that concerns relate to insufficient resources in some areas to adequately support the policy implementation and uncertainty about the impact of increased demand for extended places.


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Paull, Gillian; La Valle, Ivana
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Department for Education (DfE)

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