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Women in management: underrepresented and overstretched?

Looks at the experiences of women in management roles, women's underrepresentation in management, and how the barriers to women might be addressed. Examines data on women in management from Eurofound's European Working Conditions Survey 2015. Identifies different management and supervisor roles. Looks at the gender imbalances in management by type of manager, country, economic sector, and company ownership (public/private). Examines a number of management experiences including: the impact of being a manager - the differences in certain aspects of the job experienced by managers compared with non-managers; the impact of being a woman - the differences in aspects of the job experienced by women compared with men, irrespective of their managerial position; and the combined impact - the effect of being both a woman and a manager on certain aspects of the job. Considers the impact of being a manager on men and women's personal lives (work-family conflict) and well-being. Finds that: men outnumber women in management positions by two to one in the EU; women are underrepresented as managers in almost all economic sectors; women are best represented among non-supervising managers; the job quality of managers is better than that of non-managers; and women generally report more negative spillovers between work and family life than men. Outlines a number of actions and policies that could help to address the challenges, for example offering flexible working.


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Biletta, Isabella at al
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European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)

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