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FE and skills across the four countries of the UK: new opportunities for policy learning

Presents an overview of further education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Presents profiles of each country, including information on further education and skills policies. Looks at examples of innovative college-based practices from Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow and Jersey to give a flavour of what is happening around the UK. Looks at different policy initiatives, including policy partnership in Wales, regional outcome agreements in Scotland and degree apprenticeships in England. Considers the common challenges and opportunities for policy learning across the countries of the UK, including Brexit, the fourth industrial revolution, the status of vocational education and training; defining the role and purposes of FE colleges; and developing long-term partnerships between employers and FE and skills providers. Suggests three next steps to support policy learning in the area of further education and skills across the UK: establishing a policy learning network to continue the dialogue between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners across the four countries of the UK; identifying a number of areas of ongoing enquiry for the Network including those arising from ‘interesting practice’, the common challenges and the initial identification of potential areas for policy and practice learning; and taking practical actions to establish the new network, including identifying the leadership of the network and agreeing an initial programme of information exchange.


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Hodgson, Ann; Spours, Ken; Waring, Martyn
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