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Brewing and distilling in Scotland: economic facts and figures (SPICe briefing)

Presents an overview of economic facts and figures about Scotland's brewing and distilling sectors, with the objective of aiding policy scrutiny and developments in these sectors. Sets out recent trends in the UK's alcoholic drinks sector, looking at both beer and spirits. Examines the characteristics of the distilling business base in Scotland. Looks at trends in employment and GVA from distilling. Focuses in particular on gin and whisky. Provides short profiles of a selection of Scottish distilleries and breweries, including Isle of Harris Gin, Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery, GlenWyvis Distillery and BrewDog. Outlines trends in brewery firm numbers, employment, GVA, production, and trade. Highlights industry concerns around craft beer definitions and beer duty. Explores the sector's links with other industries, with a focus on agriculture, tourism, and malting. Outlines a range of policy considerations.


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O'Connor, Alison
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Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe)

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