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Good growth for cities 2018

Assesses the urban economic wellbeing of UK cities. Uses the Good Growth for Cities Index, first developed in 2008, to measure the performance of cities, Local Enterprise Partnership areas, combined authorities and the devolved nations, against ten indicators based on the views of the public and business as to what is key to economic success and wellbeing. Explains that elements of the index include secure employment, incomes, health, work-life balance, housing affordability, entrepreneurship and business start-ups, good quality transport systems, environmental protection and fair distribution of income and wealth. Explores the drivers of improvement in good growth across the UK and tracks progress over the last year. Shows that: over the ten year period since the recession the average city index has improved its Good Growth score significantly; the two highest performing cities are Oxford and Reading; and some of the cities with low overall scores have seen some of the biggest increases recently e.g. Middlesbrough & Stockton, Liverpool and Wakefield and Castleford. Finds that Greater Manchester has experienced the largest improvement amongst the combined authorities. Observes that Aberdeen experienced a particularly significant improvement in its score. Highlights implications for policy and business and recommends: using Local Industrial Strategies to help develop economic vision; developing a strong evidence base and be ‘investor ready’ to secure future funding; and focusing on achieving ‘inclusive growth’ as performance improves.


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Hawksworth, John et al
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