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The Great British regression: Brexit and inequality

Presents a collection of essays exploring how a hard Brexit or no deal might impact on inequality, wages, private investment and public spending and services. Considers the impact of different scenarios going forward on regional investment (Olivier Sykes and Andreas Schulze-Bäing). Discusses the impact of Brexit on EU investment and spending (Prof Özlem Onaran), looking in particular at the impact on public investment, and concluding that the economy will be further affected through the effects on trade, migration, the depreciation of the pound, public budget, and private investment. Explores the potential impact on low income women, race and gender-based inequalities (Dr Sara Reis). Suggests that Brexit may have a negative impact on industries that employ more women, and that rising food prices may also have a negative gender impact. Considers the consequences of abolishing statutory minimum wage protections as part of a future post-Brexit trade deal, especially for low-waged employees in the UK (Howard Reed). Highlights the negative effects of Brexit and the risks to the UK economy.


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Shaheen, Faiza et al
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Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS)

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