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No time to retire: redesigning work for our ageing workforce

Looks at the characteristics of, and motivations behind, the rapid increase in people remaining in the workplace well past traditional retirement age. Sets out the business case for retaining mature workers, including that experienced employees can help to fill the growing labour shortage, social skills can improve as people age, mature workers tend to display stronger relationship skills and organisational citizenship behaviours, and older workers can help companies gain older customers. Develops six personas to help management understand, attract and retain older people in their workplaces and suggests that organisations should redesign work away from routine and repetitive tasks and into mentoring relationships to capture the value of an ageing workforce; intentionally design phased retirement programmes to allow for greater flexibility; ensure the physical location of the workplace is accessible for older employees, and offer creative ways to reskill ageing workers for the needs of the company.


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Schwartz, Jeff et al
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