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Artificial or human intelligence: digitalisation and the future of jobs and skills - opportunities and risks (Cedefop briefing note)

Argues that, while the 4th Industrial Revolution is already disrupting the world of work, fears of robots and machines breeding a jobless future are exaggerated. Indicates that only 14% of EU jobs face a high risk of automation, and that artificial intelligence and digitisation will transform tasks, demanding new skills to complement technologies. Notes that the introduction of automating technologies may require a long period of hardship and adaption for lower-skilled workers until they acquire new skills to cope with new tasks or find a new job. Suggests that education and training will need to respond to people’s upskilling and reskilling needs, including the development of formal skills validation processes, for example by integrating and safeguarding quality assurance of new digital and sector-specific credentials.


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European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
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European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)

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