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The migrant and skills needs of creative businesses in the United Kingdom: findings from the January 2018 Creative Industries Council migration and skills survey

Reports on findings from an employers' survey carried out by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) between December 2017 and January 2018, which aimed to provide estimates of the migrant labour force, skills gaps and shortages across the creative industries. Looks at skills issues in the creative industries and considers the types of jobs affected. Looks at the impact of migration, reporting on the employment of non-UK nationals, EU migrant workers, migrant workers from the rest of the world, and freelance workers in the creative industries. Considers potential implications of Brexit on recruitment and retention of the migrant workforce, as well as the possible impact on employment and skills, and the wider creative sector. Finds that 22% of employers in the creative industries employ at least one non-UK worker, and 42% are affected by skills issues. Reports that the jobs most commonly held by migrant labour and affected by skills issues in the creative industries are mostly in higher-level occupations. Finds that creative industries employers may be negatively impacted by future immigration controls on EU workers post-Brexit. Suggests a need for the government to consider the various workforce needs of the creative industries when formulating policies.


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Bakhshi, Hasan; Spilsbury, Mark
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Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre

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