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“You say you’re inclusive…but would you welcome me into your team?” (Transgender people), IN People Management, Oct 2019, pp26-29, 31-32 [2019]

Reports on the workplace experiences of transgender people who have transitioned, noting that human resource professionals are not only less likely to understand or feel comfortable around them, but c...

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Are they sitting comfortably? (workplace surveillance), IN People Management, Oct 2018, pp34-37 [2019]

Looks at concerns about employee monitoring, particularly in the light of emerging technologies. Notes that the growing market, which monitors everything from number of keyboard strokes, social media ...

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Mind the gap (gender pay gap), IN Architects’ Journal, Vol 246 No 3 14 Feb 2019, pp8-11 [2019]

Presents key findings from the AJ Working in Architecture Survey which shows how pay gaps persist from entry level all the way to the top. Notes that 82% of respondents back the government’s legislati...

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Why can’t everyone work flexibly?, IN People Management, Oct 2018, pp8-9 [2019]

Looks at progress with the flexible working agenda, including difficulties about quantifying flexible work, with many people saying they work flexibly when they actually mean their shifts fluctuate o...

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Graduation to employment: support for students with autism, IN Phoenix, No 156 Feb 2019, pp26-27 [2019]

Reports on a project at York University, Graduation to Employment, which is designed to ease the transition from study to employment for students with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASCs). Explains tha...

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Four paths to our future workforce (recruitment of younger people to local government), IN MJ, 14 Mar 2019, pp18-19 [2019]

Discusses the problem of recruiting younger people to work in local government. Suggests that if this is not addressed the sector may become a set of aging organisations, unable to command public supp...

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Time for action: skills for economic growth and social justice [2019] External document

Discusses the need for an improved learning and skills base in the UK in order to drive economic growth and promote social justice. Highlights links between skills and productivity, employment and soc...

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Social mobility in the slipstream: first-generation students' narratives of university participation and family, IN Educational Review, Feb 2019, pp1-17 [2019]

Explores the extent to which ‘first generation’ or ‘first-in-family’ university students can have a ‘slipstream’ effect back upon the home, on their siblings and, in some cases, on their parents. Disc...

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College sector prepares for post-Brexit landscape, IN Scottish Business Insider, Vol 36 No 1 Mar/Apr 2019, pp63-65 [2019]

Looks at the ways in which the Scottish college sector is preparing for the UK's departure from the EU. Outlines collaboration between Scottish colleges and other educational bodies in Scotland and th...

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How can Universal Credit help parents move out of poverty? [2019] External document

Presents the results of research into how Universal Credit (UC) could be changed to reduce poverty among working parents. Draws on interviews with working parents on UC and Jobcentre Plus Work Coache...

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