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Automation risk lies in quality of work, IN Agenda NI, No 94 Apr/May 2019, pp22-23 [2019]

Summarises the findings of a report by the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) on the impact of automation on the future of work and employment in Northern Ireland. Estimates that 60,000 jobs in ...

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Will we ever build better line managers?, IN People Management, May 2019, pp36-39 [2019]

Discusses how the performance of line managers can be improved. Highlights that management style is cited as a cause by 43% of employees with stress-related absence. Considers that, when managers are ...

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Nothing to see here? (employment law landscape before and after Brexit), IN Adviser, No 188 Apr 2019, pp23-27 [2019]

Looks at the employment law landscape before and after Brexit, what is known will happen and what is likely to change. Sets out aspects of employment rights that have been derived from EU law, and thr...

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“It’s not just another initiative: it’s what we are” (Improving staff engagement), IN People Management, Apr 2019, pp22-23 [2019]

Details the work of the North East London NHS Foundation Trust’s executive director Bob Champion in improving the HR function of the organisation. Explains that when he joined the organisation in 201...

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Microlearning: boosting customer experience, IN Training Journal, Apr 2019, pp14-16 [2019]

Highlights the need to empower employees through adaptive and continuous learning processes, such as microlearning, to ensure organisations remain competitive. Explains why traditional learning manage...

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Transforming employment support individuals with health conditions?: 3Cs to the aid of the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper, IN Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, Vol 27 No 1 Feb 2019, pp115-130 [2019]

Explores the UK Green Paper entitled ‘Growing Lives’, devised by the Work and Health unit, asking how their aims can be achieved. Explains that the Green Paper analyses the current provision of employ...

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Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace, IN Training Journal, Mar 2019, pp28-29 [2019]

Explores the ways in which organisations can recruit and support neurodiverse talent. Defines neurodiversity as a term that encapsulates all people who think differently to the majority, including tho...

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Making apprenticeships work [2019] External document

Assesses the factors that affect the value of apprenticeships and the emerging evidence on whether the current policy will deliver high value apprenticeships. Summarises the apprenticeships policy lan...

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Helping hand? Improving Universal Credit [2019] External document

Explores the impact of the unique and key design features of Universal Credit (UC) during three critical stages of the claimant experience: accessing UC; managing on UC; and progressing on UC. Draws o...

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An industry action plan: building after Brexit [2019] External document

Presents proposals to develop the domestic construction sector workforce following the UK's departure from the EU. Outlines the challenge presented by the loss of migrant workers to the construction w...

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