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The relationship between elder care-giving and labour force participation in the context of policies addressing population ageing: a review of empirical studies published between 2006 and 2016, IN Ageing and Society, Vol 39 No 6 Jun 2019, pp1281-1310 [2019]

Explores the relationship between informal care giving to elderly people and labour force participation (LFP) in the UK. Presents findings based on a literature review of research papers produced betw...

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Addressing employer underinvestment in training: the case for a broader training levy [2019] External document

Makes a case for reforming the apprenticeship levy and increasing investment in workplace skills. Provides an overview of what’s been happening with training in the UK, highlighting that there has bee...

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The migrant and skills needs of creative businesses in the United Kingdom: findings from the January 2018 Creative Industries Council migration and skills survey [2019] External document

Reports on findings from an employers' survey carried out by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) between December 2017 and January 2018, which aimed to provide estimates of the migrant labour force...

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Social protection for the self-employed in the UK: the disappearing contributions increase, IN Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, Vol 27 No 2 Jun 2019, pp235-251 [2019]

Analyses the reasons for the about-turn on the intended increase in National Insurance contributions (NICs) for the self-employed as announced in the March 2017 Budget. Explains that the increase was ...

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Older workers: the key issues, IN Labour Research, Vol 108 No 8 Aug 2019, pp16-18 [2019]

Explores the extent to which the UK government and employers are promoting a supportive environment for an ageing workforce. Describes how the increase in the state pension age has resulted in a signi...

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Would you let a chatbot coach you? (HR technology), IN People Management, Jul/Aug 2019, pp40-42 [2019]

Explores the logistical and moral implications of artificially intelligent (AI) chatbot coaches being used by businesses. Describes how technology contributes to daily life in numerous ways, includin...

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Ageing confidently: supporting an ageing workforce [2019] External document

Looks at the support needed to help older people in the workforce, based on the findings of working groups comprising academics, practitioners and policymakers. Examines: the structure of the UK popul...

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Mind the gaps: Universal Credit and self-employment in the United Kingdom, IN Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, Vol 27 No 2 Jun 2019, pp199-217 [2019]

Analyses the impact of the roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) in the UK on the self-employed. Highlights that self-employment has risen across the European Union in the last few years and now accounts ...

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Time for demand: boosting productivity with public investments, minimum wages and paid holiday [2019] External document

Explores ways of increasing demand as part of a macroeconomic strategy to improve labour productivity. Describes the UK's problems with the productivity of its workforce, suggesting that supply-side m...

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Prioritising growth: the future of immigration policy [2019] External document

Explores British immigration policy and its effect on the supply of labour in the country. Discusses the drivers of population growth in the UK (decreased mortality and increased immigration) and high...

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