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Pay transparency in Europe: first experiences with gender pay reports and audits in four Member States [2018] External document

Investigates how successful gender pay reporting and audit has been in four EU member states – Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Explains that these countries implemented reporting policies some t...

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Characteristics of young people who are long-term NEET [2018] Full document External document

Looks at the characteristics of young people in who were not in education, employment or training (NEET) for a year in 2013/14, three years after completing key stage 4 in the 2010/2011 academic year...

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The long shadow of industrial Britain's demise, IN Regions, No 308 Autumn 2017, pp5-8 [2018]

Analyses the impact of the loss of industrial jobs on the labour market and benefit claimant rates in the UK, and discusses the consequences for contemporary public finances. Looks at the decline of i...

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Changing the menu (Scottish food and drink sector and consumers), IN Holyrood, No 397 12 Feb 2018, pp14-17 [2018]

Looks at the challenges facing the food and drink sector and food and drink consumers in Scotland. Outlines the Scottish government's food policy and plans to consult on a 'good food nation' bill late...

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Targeting talent (skills shortage in the housing sector), IN Inside Housing, Vol 35 No 7 16 Feb 2018, pp28-29 [2018]

Sets out the results of a survey of UK housing professionals which explored their views about the shortage of skilled labour and its impact on the sector. Explains that the survey was carried out by I...

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Creation of resilient businesses drives social and economic regeneration, IN Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, Vol 11 No 2 Winter 2017 – 2018, pp132-137 [2018]

Considers the role of entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable social and economic regeneration, focusing on the need to address business failure rates, lack of sustainable growth, and social and fin...

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It's all about the flex: preference, flexibility and power in the employment of EU migrants in low-skilled sectors, IN Social Policy and Society, Vol 16 No 4 Oct 2017, pp623-634 [2018]

Explores issues around the employment of EU migrants in low-skilled occupations in the UK, drawing on research in the hospitality, food and drink and construction sectors. Finds that EU migrants have ...

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Entrepreneurship education and training as facilitators of regional development, IN Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol 25 No 1 2018, pp17-40 [2018]

Explores the role of entrepreneurship education and training in facilitating regional development, drawing on a systematic literature review. Indicates that both training and entrepreneurship educatio...

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Women in science, technology and innovation, IN 14-19 Learning and Skills Bulletin, No 252 14 Feb 2018, p11 [2018]

Looks at the potential for achieving better representation and equality for women in the fields of science, technology and innovation. Discusses gender stereotypes that mean women are less likely to c...

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The HR professional's guide to digital transformation: becoming a digital leader in the public sector [2018] External document

Presents a guide for Human Resource (HR) professionals in the public sector, especially local government, as to how they can support digital transformation programmes in their organisations more effec...

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