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Challenges and contradictions in the 'normalising' of precarious work, IN Work, Employment and Society, Vol 32 No 3 Jun 2018, pp509-527 [2018]

Explores the contradictions arising from different processes of normalisation of precarious work, driven by social policies, which simultaneously de-commodify and recommodify labour. Assesses their im...

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Tackling precarious work in public supply chains: a comparison of local government procurement policies in Denmark, Germany and the UK, IN Work, Employment and Society, Vol 32 No 3 Jun 2018, pp546-563 [2018]

Presents the results of a comparative study of socially responsible procurement practices in the local government sector in Copenhagen (cleaning and construction), Bremen (catering and construction) a...

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Realising potential (employability programmes for young people), IN Holyrood, No 406 18 Jun 2018, pp36-37 [2018]

Looks at the approach taken by a specialist training company to delivering pre-apprenticeship programmes to support young people gain and sustain employment. Explains that TIGERS operate in the constr...

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Job search (labour market in Scotland), IN Holyrood, No 406 18 Jun 2018, pp14-17 [2018]

Looks at the challenges facing the labour market in Scotland. Outlines recent employment figures and forecasts, indicating that the labour market in Scotland is more robust that other parts of the UK ...

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Paid employment amongst adults with learning disabilities receiving social care in England: trends over time and geographical variation, IN Tizard Learning Disability Review, Vol 23 No 2 2018, pp117-122 [2018]

Examines trends over time and geographical variation in rates of paid employment amongst working age adults with learning disabilities receiving long term social care in England, drawing on analysis o...

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Apprenticeships: reform and progress (In focus) 2nd edition [2018]

Looks at the government’s recent reforms of apprenticeships and describes developments since the reforms were enacted. Provides a brief historical context for the changes to apprenticeships in England...

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Basic income and a public job offer: complementary policies to reduce poverty and unemployment (IZA policy paper no 133) [2018] External document

Considers possible approaches to addressing the labour market issues of persistent under-employment, stagnating real wages for the majority, and a perceived, growing threat from automation. Develops ...

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The Gaelic language labour market: the evidence - data report [2018] Full document External document

Presents the findings of research that examined Gaelic language skills in Scotland, in order to illustrate the current state of the Gaelic labour market and ways in which it might be supported and dev...

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Employers and providers voice concerns over T-level work placements, IN Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin, No 302 11 Jun 2018, pp2-3 [2018]

Summarises research undertaken by AELP and City & Guilds which highlights concerns voiced by employers and education providers regarding the implementation T-level work placements. Reveals that: just ...

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Hiring freedom can reduce teacher shortages in disadvantaged areas, IN 14-19 Learning and Skills Bulletin, No 266 13 Jun 2018, p16 [2018]

Summarises the findings of OECD research into effective teacher policies - Effective teacher policies: Insights from PISA (2018). Explains that the research analyses the PISA global education survey a...

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