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Bridging the gender pay gap: where now?, IN Human Resource (HR), Sep 2018, pp20-27 [2018]

Explores the gender pay gap in the UK and discusses current ways in which it is being measured and addressed. Describes the recent gender pay gap reporting initiative, which requires companies with 25...

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Vocational skills, IN Special Children, No 244 Sep/Oct 2018, pp11-13 [2018]

Examines how pupils with learning and physical disabilities at Saxon Hill Academy have picked up vocational skills by working for Saxon Hill Connect: a community interest company that transforms recyc...

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Why are we still seeing age discrimination when hiring senior workers?, IN Human Resource (HR), Sep 2018, pp42-44 [2018]

Explores five key misconceptions about workers over the age of fifty and makes recommendations for how they can be overcome. Describes how age discrimination was outlawed in the UK in 2006, but argue...

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Job changes and interregional migration of graduates, IN Regional Studies, Vol 52 No 10 Oct 2018, pp1346-1359 [2018]

Analyses determinants of graduates' decisions to out-migrate from a region and how the importance of these determinants varies over job changes. Uses panel data from a German graduate survey, and esti...

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Decisions of adult learners (DFE-RR842) [2018] Full document External document

Presents the results of a study, commissioned by the Department for Education and undertaken by Kantar Public and Learning Work Institute, into adults' experiences of, and decisions about, learning. E...

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Making meaning at work (mind-body infused coaching and training), IN Training Journal, Sep 2018, pp26-31 [2018]

Looks at the use of mind-infused coaching and training to address learning and development needs and improve employee performance. Describes mind-infused coaching as an evidence-based, multi-system ap...

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Becoming an age-friendly employer [2018] External document

Provides guidance to employers on measures to enable them to plan for and deal with an older workforce, drawing on good practice case studies. Outlines the benefits of becoming an age-friendly employe...

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Burnout in the workplace: a review of data and policy responses in the EU [2018] Full document External document

Examines employee burnout at work, drawing on analysis of research and policy responses across the EU. Looks at the prevalence of burnout in EU member states, including definitions, cross-sectoral stu...

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Part-time work: the exclusion zone? [2018] External document

Explores issues around isolation, job performance and career development of those in part-time employment, drawing on the results of an online survey of current or recent part-time workers. Discusses ...

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Solving the United Kingdom's productivity puzzle in a digital age [2018] External document

Investigates the reasons why productivity growth in the UK has slowed sharply in recent years, being one of the worst amongst its European peers. Considers that increasing productivity is especially i...

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