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Half of young people do not feel ready for work, IN Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin, No 136, p5 [2018]

Looks at issues concerning the preparedness of young people leaving education for work, drawing on the results of a survey of young people aged 17-23. Highlights and discusses the key finding of the s...

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Ready for the off (results of building contractor salary survey), IN Building, No 46 16 Nov 2018, pp24-27 [2018]

Looks at the key issues affecting professional contractors in the construction industry, drawing on the findings of a survey of professionals employed by building contractors. Identifies the ongoing s...

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National Minimum Wage: Low Pay Commission report 2018 (Cm 9717) [2018] Full document External document

Reviews the National Living Wage (NLW) and the National Minimum Wage (NMW), the state of the economy and the labour market. Looks at the performance of the UK economy during 2017 and the first half o...

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Fair care: a workforce strategy for social care [2018] Full document External document

Examines the challenges facing the social care workforce in England and the evidence of the growing social care workforce crisis. Explains that adult social care currently provides 1.3 million jobs i...

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Does employment status matter for job quality? [2018] External document

Investigates the job quality associated with different employment statuses in the EU, drawing on data from the 2015 European Working Conditions Survey. Discusses the aim to develop better jobs outline...

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Public sector apprenticeships in England: 2017 to 2018 [2018] Full document External document

Reports on whether public bodies are meeting apprenticeship targets set by the UK government up to March 2018. Identifies the target as at least 2.3% of new starts being apprentices between April 201...

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Spotlight on studios (shortage of film and TV studio space), IN Property Week, (Industrial and Logistics, 16 Nov 2018 Supplement), pp28,30 [2018]

Reports on the shortage of high-quality film and TV studio space in the UK and especially London. Explains that many of the most skilled technical film workers are based in the UK which is why London ...

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May the force BME with you (improving racial diversity in Surrey's police force), IN Human Resources (HR), Nov 2018, pp50-51 [2018]

Describes the approach taken by Surrey Police to boost black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) representation among its employees. Discusses the issue of BAME under-representation and lack of racial d...

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Men's mental health and work: the case for a gendered approach to policy [2018] External document

Looks at men's mental health in the workplace. Examines some of the structural and labour market changes over recent years that have influenced men's role in the workplace and considers the impact on ...

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Public perceptions of UK universities [2018] External document

Presents the findings of research into what the public thinks of universities in the UK. Draws on data from quantitative surveys, deliberative workshops and pre-workshop online community discussions w...

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