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Economic benefits of vocational education: an update (In focus) - 2nd edition [2018]

Discusses the benefits of vocational education and training (VET). Explains that the UK has relatively low participation in vocational education compared to other countries, but that it is becoming in...

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A tech mindset is the engineering qualification that matters [2018] External document

Reports on new technology in the engineering industry with the aim of understanding how this will impact skills training and development. Highlights the possibility of automation replacing jobs in th...

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Apprenticeships in England: what does research tell us? (Paper no IS02) [2018] Full document External document

Summarises the findings of research into apprenticeships in England carried out since 2015. Describes the apprenticeship model in England and compares it with models in Austria, Germany and Switzerlan...

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Deal or no deal: construction’s post-Brexit future hangs in the balance, IN Building, No 34 24 Aug 2018, pp22-25 [2018]

Discusses the likely consequences of a no-deal Brexit for the construction industry. Looks at the potential impact on construction products and materials, movement of labour and British expertise. Rep...

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Regional unemployment and employee loyalty: evidence from 12 UK regions, IN Regional Studies, Vol 52 No 9 Sep 2018, pp1283-1293 [2018]

Examines the relationship between unemployment and employee loyalty towards employers across UK regions, drawing on analysis of data from the national work and employment relations survey. Outlines th...

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Missed your potential? (AI and people analytics transforming learning and careers), IN Training Journal, Aug 2018, pp26-29 [2018]

Explores how artificial intelligence (AI) and people analytics can transform learning. Reflects on the opportunities to support and direct people towards training and careers where they are successful...

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I'll be watching you: a report on workplace monitoring [2018] External document

Looks at workplace monitoring of staff. Uses focus groups, in-depth interviews, and an online survey of members of the UK public. Discusses what workplace surveillance is. Investigates where workplac...

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Employer skills survey 2017 [2018] Full document External document

Presents the findings of the latest employer skills survey, based on 87,000 telephone interviews with UK employers. Describes the characteristics of the UK employer and employment populations, based o...

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The skills system in Northern Ireland: challenges and opportunities [2018] Full document External document

Explores the key challenges and opportunities facing the skills system in Northern Ireland. Outlines the economic factors which determine the context for the skills system, including labour market tre...

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London links: the geography of financial services in the capital and beyond [2018] External document

Investigates the role of the financial services sector and related professional services in British cities and investigates the links that these activities have with London. Draws on data from HMRC, O...

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