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Labour market outlook: views from employers - summer 2018 [2018] External document

Analyses survey responses from 1,002 employers in the UK which covers issues such as market trends, employment, skills, recruitment, staff retention, and the impact of Brexit. Shows that employment re...

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Hit the gas: for your high potentials (leadership development), IN Training Journal, Nov 2018, pp28-31 [2018]

Looks at the critical elements for organisations in delivering accelerated leadership development. Outlines the changing skills and experience requirements for organisational leaders, highlighting th...

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Apprenticeships in England: what do we know?, IN CentrePiece, Autumn 2018, pp2-5 [2018] External document

Summarises the findings of 'Apprenticeships in England: what does research tell us?' (2018, Ref B51207), a study into apprenticeships in England, and makes reference to more recent findings. Discusse...

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Outlook and appraisal, IN Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary, Vol 42 No 4 Dec 2018, pp5-24 [2018] External document

Reports on Scotland's economic performance. Draws on data from the Scottish Government, Labour Force Survey, the OECD and other sources. Highlights trends in the global economy and looks at the perfor...

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Basic income: the potential for gendered empowerment? IN Social Inclusion, Vol 6 No 4 2018, pp8-15 [2018] External document

Looks at whether the introduction of a basic income might lead to greater gender equality and empowerment, drawing on examples of Swedish interventions which aim to reduce gender inequalities. Define...

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How are schools developing real employability skills? [2018] External document

Looks at how schools are developing employability skills among pupils. Draws on: existing literature assessing the skills and behaviours young people need to find work and progress in the workplace; d...

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The Great British regression: Brexit and inequality [2018] External document

Presents a collection of essays exploring how a hard Brexit or no deal might impact on inequality, wages, private investment and public spending and services. Considers the impact of different scenari...

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Social Mobility Barometer: public attitudes to social mobility in the UK [2018] External document

Examines public attitudes to social mobility in the UK, drawing on the results of a 2018 survey of over 5,000 adults, fieldwork and a supplemental survey. Presents the topline national and regional fi...

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Pay as you go? Internship pay, job quality and access in the graduate jobs market [2018] External document

Looks at internship pay, quality and access in the graduate jobs market. Uses a survey of business decision makers, job advertisement data, a survey of young graduates, and a survey of staffers workin...

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Global Wage Report 2018/19: what lies behind gender pay gaps [2018] External document

Analyses global and regional wage trends and examines the gender pay gap around the world. Draws on previous studies and information from: the European Commission, AMECO (Annual macro-economic databas...

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