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Economic impact of RAF Kinloss and RAF Lossiemouth

Presents the final report of a study which sought to assess the economic impacts within Moray of two military airbases: RAF Kinloss and RAF Lossiemouth. Provides an overview of the Moray economy, looking at: population numbers; age composition; levels of economic activity including self-employment and business start-ups; employment structure and levels; sector of employment; unemployment; wage levels; and qualifications. Examines the separate economic contribution of RAF Kinloss and RAF Lossiemouth to the Moray economy, in particular the impact on: employment and income within the Moray economy; population; education, in terms of both pupils and staff; and housing. Considers both on-site and off-site impacts. Looks at the collective impacts of the two RAF bases on the Moray economy, and considers further impacts of the bases upon: staff numbers within the NHS in Moray; the uptake of courses and number of staff at Moray College; the occupations of RAF spouses; and other community impacts. Finds that the bases collectively support 5771 FTE jobs, equating around 16 per cent of all FTE employment in Moray, and a gross income of 158.3 million pounds to the local economy.


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