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Evaluation of Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) and its successor, Selective Finance for Investment in England (SFIE) (BERR occasional paper no 2)

Presents an evaluation of the impact of financial support to business under the RSA scheme during the period 2000-2004, and its replacement SFIE scheme since April 2004. Sets out the evaluation methodology. Reviews some of the key arguments and evidence relating to the rationale for regional policy interventions through state aid to businesses. Gives details of the population of RSA and SFIE assisted businesses in the 2000-04 and 2004-05 periods. Analyses the comparative profile of RSA and SFIE assisted businesses together with the non-assisted control group of businesses. Outlines self-assessment measures of the benefits and additionality of RSA and SFIE assistance. Discusses emerging operational issues for the SFIE scheme. Concludes that both the RSA and SFIE Schemes are delivering benefits to the UK economy.


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Hart, Mark et al
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Department for Business

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