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Why not physics? A snapshot of girls' uptake at A-level [2018] External document

Provides a snapshot of girls’ uptake at A-level physics in England. Comments that if as many girls studied A-level physics as boys, there would be 15,000 additional young people qualified to move int...

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Evaluation of Jobcentre Plus Support for Schools programme: national roll-out evaluation [2018] Full document External document

Evaluates the success of the Jobcentre Plus Support for Schools programme in nine case study areas in England. Draws on information from interviews with Jobcentre Plus schools advisers, local partner...

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Curriculum choices and school-to-work transitions among upper secondary school leavers in Scotland and Ireland, IN Journal of Education and Work, Vol 30 No 7 2018, pp731-740 [2018]

Investigates the influence of curriculum choices in secondary education on young people’s post-school employment outcomes in Scotland and Ireland. Analyses school leavers’ survey data from between 198...

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Skills review for the aquaculture sector in Scotland [2018] External document

Looks at the aquaculture workforce and business base in Scotland and reviews the key drivers of change and challenges relating to skills supply in the sector. Considers the skills pipeline for aquacul...

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Delivering digital skills: a guide to preparing the workforce for an inclusive digital economy [2018] External document

Considers why governments should address the need for digital skills and identifies barriers to upskilling the workforce for digitisation, including perception that learning is only for the young, lac...

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Effective performance, development and career conversations at work [2018] Full document External document

Explores ways for managers to have more effective conversations with staff about performance and development. Outlines the role of effective staff performance and development conversations in driving ...

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Class dismissed: getting in and getting on in further and higher education [2018] External document

Presents evidence from the National Union of Students Poverty Commission on the issues of class and poverty in post-16 education. Draws on: evidence on income and post-16 education collected from stud...

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Out numbered (Gender pay-gap in the construction industry), IN Building, No 16 20 Apr 2018, pp28-31 [2018]

Investigates the gender pay-gap in the construction industry in light of the recently published UK data which showed that construction was the sector with the largest pay-gap. Reports that for the for...

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Closing the skills gap across the pond (career academy model in a Massachusetts school), IN Training Journal, Apr 2018, pp30-31 [2018]

Describes the innovative ‘career academy’ model adopted in Atlantis Charter School in Fall River, Massachusetts in an attempt to help address the skills gap in the US. Discusses the problem of the ski...

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Anticipatory socialization and the construction of the employable graduate: a critical analysis of employers' graduate careers websites, IN Work, Employment and Society, Vol 32 No 2 Apr 2018, pp239-256 [2018]

Looks at changing meanings of ‘employability’ and analyses employers’ graduate websites to explore intended purposes of communications around competencies and expectations about employability. Argues ...


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