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Closing the regional attainment gap [2019] Full document External document

Examines the attainment gap in school exam results in England between pupils from different social backgrounds. Explores the origins of differences in school outcomes between areas and efforts that ha...

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Working class heroes- understanding access to higher education for white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds [2019] External document

Examines the low levels of participation in higher education (HE) of white students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in England. Outlines the problem, indicating that white British disadvantaged ...

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Do tax cuts produce more Einsteins? The impact of financial incentives vs. exposure to innovation on the supply of inventors (Centre for Economic Performance discussion paper no 1597) [2019] Full document External document

Presents empirical evidence on how financial incentives, ranging from tax incentives to research and development grants, affect individuals’ decisions to pursue careers in innovation. Finds that the p...

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Is improving access to university enough? Socio‐economic gaps in the earnings of English graduates, IN Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Jan 2019, pp328-368 [2019] External document

Uses tax and student loan administrative data to investigate the variation in earnings of English graduates by socio-economic background. Finds that graduates from higher income families have average ...

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Summer vacation activities: an investigation of students’ attitudes, experiences and perceptions [2019] External document

Investigates what undergraduate students at the University of Aberdeen spent their summer vacation doing in 2016. Seeks to understand how summer activities affect students’ personal and professional d...

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Who goes to college via access routes? A comparative study of widening participation admission in selective universities in Ireland and England, IN Social Inclusion, Vol 7 No 1 2019, pp38-51 [2019] External document

Explores changing national widening participation (WP) policy and responses from higher education institutions (HEIs) from a cross-national perspective. Focuses on the use of contextualised admission...

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The Baker clause: one year on [2019] External document

Examines the impact of a new legal requirement to improve access by education and training providers to school pupils to inform them about technical education and apprenticeship opportunities. Outline...

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Career doubt in a dual-domain model of coping and progress for academic and career goals, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Volume 110 Part A Feb 2019, pp155-167 [2019] External document

Explores the relationship between career doubt and coping and progress among undergraduate students. Describes how career goals can both motivate students and cause doubt which can affect academic pro...

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Extracurricular activities and career indecision: a look at the mediating role of vocational exploration, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Volume 110 Part A Feb 2019, pp43-53 [2019]

Uses data from a longitudinal two-cohort study of secondary school students to examine the effect of participation in extracurricular activities (ECAs) on career indecision. Notes that participation i...

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Who earns more? Explicit traits, implicit motives and income growth trajectories, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Volume 110 Part A Feb 2019, pp214-228 [2019]

Considers the links between personality and income as an indicator of objective career success. Notes that income is the most common and prominent indicator of objective career success. Discusses expl...


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