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Career education that works: an economic analysis using the British Cohort Study, IN Journal of Education and Work, Vol 30 No 1-4 Jan-Jun 2017, pp217-234 [2017] External document

Reports on what works in career education. Draws on the British Cohort Study 1970. Considers whether wage premiums observed by young British adults with higher levels of teenage school-mediated workpl...

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Building reflective capability to enhance coaching practice, IN Coaching Psychologist, Vol 13 No 1 Jun 2017, pp4-12 [2017]

Explores the use of reflective practice in the workplace, and looks at ways to build reflective capacity in coaching practice. Outlines the origins and theories of reflective practice and considers it...

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PES Network conference: implementation of the youth guarantee - challenges and success factors [2017] Full document External document

Looks at the implementation of the youth guarantee by public employment services (PES), drawing on the results of an EU seminar held in 2015. Considers ways of ensuring the sustainable activation of y...

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Work local: report to the Local Government Association on developing a modern, local, public employment and skills service [2017] External document

Reports on how more devolved and localised employment and skills services provided by local authorities could be funded, designed and delivered. Explains the report is the result of a study by the Lea...

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Work local: our vision for an integrated and devolved employment and skills service [2017] External document

Presents a vision, put forward by the Local Government Association (LGA), for an integrated and devolved employment and skills service overseen by combined authorities and groups of councils. Consider...

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Time for change: an assessment of government policies on social mobility 1997-2017 [2017] External document

Examines government policy on social mobility over the last twenty years assessing the impact it has had on society. Outlines the changing economic context over the period looking at employment, GDP, ...

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Social mobility and university careers services [2017] External document

Looks at the role of university careers services in addressing the gap in graduate outcomes between more and less disadvantaged students. Reviews the literature and policy in the area and uses over th...

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STEM clubs: making an impact 2016-17 [2017] External document

Evaluates the impact of Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths (STEM) clubs in schools and colleges. Explains that these clubs provide an opportunity for students to engage with STEM subjects in a...

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The influence of socioeconomic status on changes in young people's expectations of applying to university, IN Oxford Review of Education, 2017, pp1-21 [2017] External document

Uses data from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England to investigate the role of socio-economic status in explaining changes to a young person’s expectation of going to university over time...

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Experiential work-based learning as a social mobility mechanism for widening participation students, IN Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, No 38 Apr 2017, pp44-51 [2017]

Considers the impact of an experiential work-based learning (WBL) programme aimed at enhancing the career development and social mobility of disadvantaged cohorts. Looks at changes in employability-re...


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