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Indicators of successful transitions: teenage attitudes and experiences related to the world of work [2017] External document

Harnesses insights from UK longitudinal studies to provide school staff with a tool to identify and prioritise pupils who need support in making career-related decisions. Uses an extensive literature ...

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The impact of career development activities on PISA mathematics tests: an analysis of data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [2017] External document

Assesses the theory that young people who engage in career development activities, organised by schools and including exposure to the workplace, will be associated with higher test results in the PIS...

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Career education that works: an economic analysis using the British Cohort Study, IN Journal of Education and Work, Vol 30 No 1-4 Jan-Jun 2017, pp217-234 [2017] External document

Reports on what works in career education. Draws on the British Cohort Study 1970. Considers whether wage premiums observed by young British adults with higher levels of teenage school-mediated workpl...

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Peer effects and social influence in post-16 educational choice [2017] External document

Investigates whether the educational choices that young people make after the completion of their GCSEs (at age 16) are influenced by their peers. Takes advantage of the variation in peer groups that ...

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Reaching out (efforts to increase diversity in the construction industry), IN Building (The Building Good Employer Guide 2017, 28 Nov 2017 supplement), pp8-10 [2017]

Discusses the efforts of construction companies to recruit a more diverse range of students, apprentices and career-changers, in the context of a skills shortage and the industry’s ageing workforce. O...

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Addressing the barriers to BAME employee career progression to the top [2017] External document

Reports on the extent of racial inequality in the workplace and where the barriers to progression in the workplace lie for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) employees. Provides an overview of re...

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Involving young people in volunteering: what works? [2017] External document

Provides evidence on the benefits of involving young people in volunteering, including that it is effective in supporting transitions and developing skills and career readiness. Suggests volunteering ...

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State of the Nation 2017: social mobility in Great Britain [2017] Full document External document

Reports on the state of social mobility in Great Britain, with a focus on the geographical divide that exists. Uses a Social Mobility Index that assesses 16 indicators, including education, employabil...

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London ambitions research: shaping a successful careers offer for all young Londoners [2017] External document

Highlights examples of emerging best practice in the delivery of careers education that map onto the seven key elements of London Ambitions’ careers offer for young people. Notes that data was gathere...

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Changing perceptions: the growing appeal of a career in construction [2017] External document

Explores public perceptions about careers in the construction sector, drawing on the results of surveys involving young people, parents and career guidance professionals. Outlines the challenges the c...


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