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Room for improvement (in education system), IN Training Journal, (Apprenticeship update 2018, 9 Mar 2018 Supplement), pp14-16 [2018]

Discusses whether our current education system equips young people for their future careers. States that many employers do not think that current graduates and school-leavers have the right skills fo...

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Engineering UK 2018: the state of engineering [2018] External document

Reports on the economic contribution of engineering and the composition of its workforce, as well as the extent to which the supply through the education and training pipeline is likely to meet futur...

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The paths between gender, barriers, social support, coping efficacy, and educational goals ,IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 1 Feb 2018, pp68-76 [2018]

Examines the impact of gender and other factors in influencing career choice by higher education students, drawing on the results of a survey of French students drawn from disciplines where men are un...

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Inequalities in school leavers' labour market outcomes: do school subject choices matter?, IN Oxford Review of Education, Vol 44 No 1 2018, pp56-74 [2018]

Examines differences in employment chances of young people who left education early, drawing on analysis of longitudinal data. Explains that relatively little is known about the role of having studie...

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Drawing the future: exploring the career aspirations of primary school children from around the world [2018] External document

Explores the career aspirations of children aged 7-11 in the UK and across the world, drawing on a survey of 20,000 primary school children in 20 countries. Describes the background to the study, iden...

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Higher education funding reforms: a comprehensive analysis of educational and labour market outcomes in England (Discussion paper no 1529) [2018] Full document External document

Examines the impact of changes in the funding of higher education in England on students' educational and labour market choices and outcomes, drawing on analysis of longitudinal data. Describes polic...

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Do preferences and biases predict life outcomes? Evidence from education and labor market entry decisions [2018] External document

Examines the role of preferences and biases on student decision-making about human capital acquisition and labour market transition, drawing on a survey of vocational training students in Switzerland...

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The 'mighty girl' effect: does parenting daughters alter attitudes towards gender roles? [2018] External document

Examines whether parenting daughters changes parents’ attitudes towards gender roles at home and in the labour market. Draws on the British Household Panel Survey over the years 1991 to 2011 to test w...

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"Aspirations of people who come from state education are different": how language reflects social exclusion in medical education, IN Advances in Health Sciences Education, 24 Jan 2018, pp1-19 [2018]

Examines the role of institutional language in reinforcing social exclusion in medical education, drawing on linguistic analysis of the discourse of admissions deans of UK medical schools. Highlights ...

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Employer engagement in education: insights from international evidence for effective practice and future research [2018] External document

Reports on a study reviewing current evidence on the most effective ways employers can support schools to improve pupil educational and economic outcomes. Reviews academic and policy literature to off...


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