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Indicators of successful transitions: teenage attitudes and experiences related to the world of work [2017] External document

Harnesses insights from UK longitudinal studies to provide school staff with a tool to identify and prioritise pupils who need support in making career-related decisions. Uses an extensive literature ...

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The impact of career development activities on PISA mathematics tests: an analysis of data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [2017] External document

Assesses the theory that young people who engage in career development activities, organised by schools and including exposure to the workplace, will be associated with higher test results in the PIS...

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Career education that works: an economic analysis using the British Cohort Study, IN Journal of Education and Work, Vol 30 No 1-4 Jan-Jun 2017, pp217-234 [2017] External document

Reports on what works in career education. Draws on the British Cohort Study 1970. Considers whether wage premiums observed by young British adults with higher levels of teenage school-mediated workpl...

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Young people's perceptions and attitudes of their post-16 options [2017] Full document External document

Examines the perceptions and attitudes young people have of their post-16 choices, exploring what influences their decisions to pursue an apprenticeship, or university, and how this changes in relatio...

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Careers events: what works? [2017] External document

Present evidence on the operation and impact of careers events held in UK schools and colleges. Draws on a mixture of academic literature and new survey data collected by the Education and Employers r...

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Careers work in England's schools: politics, practices and prospects, IN British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Vol 45 No 4 Aug 2017, pp427-440 [2017]

Provides an overview of careers work in English schools over the past five years and the impact of government policies. Notes that with the fall in the number of teenagers in part-time employment whil...

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Skills audits for asylum seekers and refugees: a practitioner’s manual [2017] External document

Provides practitioners and programme managers with an understanding of the requirements, necessary knowledge and practical means to undertake skills audits with asylum seekers and refugees, and provid...

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Threat to social mobility posed by apprenticeship reforms, IN Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin, No 272 25 Sep 2017, pp4-5 [2017]

Argues that the UK Government risks undermining its social mobility agenda unless it acts to address reported bias in the apprenticeship reform programme and provide a boost to the number of traineesh...

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Young people's experience of education and training from 15-24 years [2017] Full document External document

Reports on the findings of a study, carried out by SQW in partnership with Young Scot, into young people’s experience of the education and training system in Scotland. Outlines the main stages of the ...

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A framework for success: connecting young people with employers from school to work - a white paper [2017] External document

Presents a white paper on the implementation of a new School to Work Framework in every school in the UK. Outlines that the framework will form part of the school curriculum each year for every young ...


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