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Volunteering and reemployment status in unemployed emerging adults: a time-worthy investment, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 23 No 1 Feb 2015, pp152-165

Investigates the relationships between volunteering, length of unemployment, likelihood/quality of reemployment and job search strategies in a sample of emerging adults. Draws on the results of an online survey of 265 emerging adults aged between 21 and 29 living in the United States, all of whom were unemployed six months prior to taking the survey. Finds that: there are positive associations between volunteering and likelihood of reemployment six months later; the number of hours spent volunteering was significantly related to reemployment status as was the length of unemployment; and the use of an exploratory job search strategy, in contrast to the use of a focused or a haphazard job search strategy, was not only associated with reemployment but also with a higher likelihood of a lower quality job. Considers the implications of the findings and makes suggestions for further research. Concludes that, for practitioners working with unemployed emerging adults, engaging in volunteering activities appears to be a worthwhile expenditure of time and effort.


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Konstam, Varda et al
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