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Relationships among supports and barriers and career and educational outcomes: a meta-analytic investigation, IN Journal of Career Assessment, Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2018, pp395-412

Explores the roles of environmental supports and barriers in career and educational development, drawing on the results of a meta-analysis of published literature. Explains that interest in the relationship between environmental supports and barriers and career and educational outcomes has increased steadily over the past few decades, and outlines the methodology used in the study. Finds that supports tend to account for more variance across all outcomes than barriers. Identifies several moderators suggesting that: men's self-efficacy beliefs and outcome expectations are more strongly related to supports than women's; Latino students' levels of school engagement and performance are more weakly related to supports than White students; and supports appear to be more highly related to elementary school students' school engagement than high school students. Discusses the implications of the findings and identifies avenues for further research.


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Brown, Steven D. et al
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Journal article.

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