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Moving from information provision to co-careering: integrated guidance as a new approach to e-guidance in Norway, IN Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, No 41 Oct 2018, pp48-55

Looks at the approach being taken to using digital technologies to develop an integrated career guidance service in Norway. Outlines the ways in which online and digital tools have been used to support careers guidance and its impact to date. Describes the development of career guidance in Norway, leading to proposals to establish a national online career guidance service located in Tromso. Discusses theories about integrated guidance, and the options for developing the Norwegian integrated e-service. Argues that the concepts of integrated guidance, instructional design and co-careering should be at the heart of the new service and delivery of guidance across Norway.


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Bardsdatter Bakke, Ingrid; Hagaseth Haug, Erik; Hooley, Tristram
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Journal article.

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