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Does socioeconomic status shape young people's goal revision processes in the face of negative career feedback?, IN Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol 110 Part A Jan 2019, pp89-101

Examines the relationships between negative career feedback and goal revision intentions using social cognitive theory and general self-regulation theories. Finds that negative career feedback indicating poor goal-person fit is related to greater intention to disengage from the current goals and lower career expectations; that students with more objective familial resources were more likely than those with lower objective socioeconomic status (SES) to revise their goals in response to this type of feedback; and that those with higher subjective SES were more likely to maintain a higher level of occupational self-efficacy. Notes that SES did not moderate the link between negative feedback on goal progress and goal disengagement intentions. Suggests the results highlight the importance of SES and occupational self-efficacy in young people’s self-regulation processes when confronted with negative career feedback about either goal suitability or progress.


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Hu, Shi; Creed, Peter A; Hood, Michelle
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Journal article.

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