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Why not physics? A snapshot of girls' uptake at A-level

Provides a snapshot of girls’ uptake at A-level physics in England. Comments that if as many girls studied A-level physics as boys, there would be 15,000 additional young people qualified to move into medium- and high-skilled roles across the economy, and alter the balance of the UK STEM workforce. Discusses girls’ progression to A-level physics in 2016, what kinds of schools send girls to study A-level physics and to what effect the route through GCSE has on girls’ progression to A-level. Finds that girls perform just as well as boys in physics at GCSE however in 2016, only 1.9% of girls chose A-level physics, compared to 6.5% of boys. Finds that girls are currently less likely to progress to A-level physics than boys, even when the subject is one of their best results at GCSE. Argues that the large number of schools in England that still send no girls on to study physics at A-level is unacceptable. Makes a number of recommendations.


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