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Universities and industrial strategy in the UK: review of evidence and implications for policy

Reviews recent evidence on the impact of reforms to universities including how finance and admissions policies might improve accessibility for students from disadvantaged backgrounds; how far the sector should be expanded; how the sector might continue to attract the best international students and staff; and how their positive impacts on local and regional economies might be maximised. Suggests that universities can help the UK move to a sustainable and inclusive path of growth provided that there is customised information, advice and guidance at critical stages to help students make better choices; higher and further education institutions will have an important role to play in re-skilling and up-skilling the workforce through life-long learning; more needs to be done to improve the commercialisation of basic research so that inventions translate into marketable products or services; and that it is important for universities to attract high quality international students, staff and research collaborations against a background of globalisation and increasing competition.


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Azmat, Ghazala et al
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Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)

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