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My future: developing career education and guidance at school: research to support the development of teacher training and guidance

Evaluates career guidance provision for people aged between 12 and 25 in Italy, Denmark, England, Malta and Romania, focusing on social mobility and inclusion, career management skills, use of technology, and geographical issues. Aims to develop an online resource based around the findings of this report to help teachers throughout Europe facilitate career guidance. Argues that all countries have room for improvement regarding career guidance provision, but that the nature and extent of improvement varies from country to country. Identifies some common characteristics, such as the need for teachers to have more career guidance training and the greater difficulties schools in rural areas face. Concludes by making several recommendations, including effective identification of teacher training needs, the greater adoption of digital technology in career guidance, and the development of more transparent criteria and processes.


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Moore, Nicki; Hanson, Jill
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University of Derby

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